Ankündigung: Forum rules

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Welcome to the official FIFA MANAGER forum.
The purpose of the forum is to provide a platform for exchanging creative ideas, discussing the game, and helping each other find solutions. Before you post your first message, please read the attached forum rules carefully.

Failure to observe these rules may result in you being warned, suspended, or banned by the moderators or administrators, depending on the severity of the violation.

We hope you have a lot of fun in the forum.

§1 - General conduct
We reserve the right to delete posts that contain any of the following, and to warn or ban the poster from the forum.
» Flaming
» Offensive language
» Insults
» Personal attacks
» Profanity
» Racist /sexist comments or content
» Insensitive comments about religious beliefs
» Content that glorifies violence

§1.1 - Criticism of the game
Criticism of the quality of the game in general, ranting ("unplayable", "full of bugs") and vague generalizations ("the same mistakes as last year") must be backed up with concrete examples. All criticism should be constructive.

§2 - Disputes/Flaming
Please do not misuse the forum for personal disputes. If you have a disagreement with another user, please follow it up via PM or Messenger. And whatever you do, please observe §1 "General conduct"!
To report a violation of the rules, please contact the administrator.

§3 - Opening a thread
» Please use the search function before you post to avoid opening a new thread on a topic which has already been discussed.
» Make sure you post your thread in the right forum.
» Give your thread an appropriate title. Titles like "Help!", "Important!" or "Cool!" are inappropriate.
» Please do not give your thread an all caps title ("shouting").

§4 - Answering posts
» Stay on topic. Straying off topic merely makes threads unnecessarily long and confusing.
» Please do not post any personal information (i.e. phone numbers, addresses, etc.) relating to yourself or anyone else in the forums.
» Do not push threads.
» Be fair and keep your comments constructive when you answer posts (see also §1 “General conduct").
» Use the edit function to correct any errors or make changes to your post. You can use this function for up to 12 hours after posting.
» Please avoid using all caps ("shouting") in your posts.

§5 - Spam and cross-posting
» Posting the same message in more than one forum ("cross posting") is not permitted.
» No spam of any kind is tolerated in the forums. This includes posts like "OK," "Yeah, right" and "Hmm."

§6 - Signature / Avatar
» Keep your signature as small as possible (no larger than 600 pixels wide and 150 pixels high).
» Your avatar may be no larger than 120 pixels wide and 120 pixels high.
» The other forum rules also apply to signatures and avatars.
» We reserve the right to remove signature images from the forums that are too large (e.g. animated images) or deemed inappropriate (e.g. defamatory statements). The same applies to avatars.
» Signatures that contain commercial advertising or are in breach of §1 will be deleted without notice.

§7 - New users / Newbies
Nothing is worse than posting in a forum for the first time and getting flamed from all sides because you've overlooked some rule. Please keep that in mind and be particularly friendly to newbies.

§8 - Moderators, administrators, EA employees
Do not pretend to be a moderator, administrator or EA employee if you are not. Any attempt to impersonate a moderator, an administrator or an EA employee will be deemed a violation of the forum rules.

§9 - Not every thread will get an official answer
We don’t want to make any promises we can’t keep or discuss things we are still testing. Often, questions are asked again about the same subject. You can often find a solution by using the search function.
If we don’t answer your question or comment on your idea, it doesn’t mean that we are not interested or don’t care about you. It may well be that your question has already been answered elsewhere, we can't disclose any information yet, we ourselves are still testing, or we plan to implement the idea or fix the problem in the next version. Quite often we consciously refrain from commenting on an idea - even if it is a good one - so that it can be discussed further without any influence from us.

§10 - Conduct towards moderators
If a problem comes up at any time, please follow the moderator's instructions. Arguing with a moderator about an instruction, warning, locked or deleted thread is a waste of time and can lead to you being banned. The moderator will take action as described in the rules described above, although there are always borderline cases. Accept the moderator's decision. If you feel that a moderator has treated you or your thread unfairly, don’t post it in the forum, send a PM to the administrator. Arguing about an administrator's decision is not only a waste of time, it can also lead to further measures, including immediate banning.

§11 - Function: Reporting a post
Please use this function only to report a violation of the above rules in a thread, and not to report any bugs in your game. Misuse of this function can lead to disciplinary measures.

§12 - Fan Files
Certain things may not be posted in this forum for legal reasons.
Not allowed:
Photos of players and other photos.
Sponsors, ad boards.
Player data, new countries, etc.

Gameplay patches
Private photos (provided that you have taken them yourself and no brands are shown).
Non-original data.
Graphic updates (games) .
Matchday comments.
Fan songs (with text editor).
Fan songs you have recorded.

§13 - Fansite files
Discussing fansite files in the forum is not allowed. Please discuss files in the forums of the fansites.
Reason: This is at the request of the fansites.

§14 - Registration to the forum
» Please note the following when you choose a nickname:
» » Your nickname must be no longer than 14 characters.
» » Your nickname must not violate §1.
» We reserve the right to change nicknames (user is informed).
» Double accounts (multiple registrations) are not permitted in the forum and will lead to a ban.

§15 – Images
» Please keep images in threads as small as possible (max. width 640 pixels).
» Always provide a link to the source of an image below it (clearly visible).
» » A search engine, for example Google, is not a reference. Please provide a direct link.
» » Images without a link to the source will be deleted without notice.
» » Please also state where images from games come from (e.g. Source: Game FM08).
» Forum rule §1 also applies to images.

§16 - Illegal content/requests
» Requesting links to sites that host illegal content (e.g. cracks) is forbidden.
» Offering, sharing or posting illegal files in the forum is forbidden.
» Sending files from games (with the exception of scores) is forbidden.
Violating §16 will result in an immediate ban from the forum!

Last update: 01.10.2011