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Generated teams Questions about generated teams

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Is it the right forum?
I don't think so. But I will ask a few questions anyway.

So, I play FIFA Manager 10 ever since it was released and it's fantastic. I don't know why do I like it so much but I really enjoy the game. As I said I play it recently even nowadays and I know a lot things about the game. But I have still some questions.

I'm from Hungary and I play with Hungarian teams. Teams from Budapest, Fehérvár, Miskolc etc. with a rating of 650 or something like that.
And there are some randomly generated teams from the cites I mentonied with random colors, badges, kits, stadiums and of course players. And the team's rating is about 200 or a bit higher/lower. What are these teams and wha are they existing? You can't play with them friendlies too often and you won't sign player from them.

Thank you for the answer!

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